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Success Management

We think of our customers as an intrinsic part of our story. Their requirements help inspire and guide us to continually improve.

Customer Success Management is about more than just helping a customer get up and running to save them from churning later 


What does this look like?
Let’s take a walk in the shoes of a Backlight Streaming client,
from pre-sales to trial, to onboarding and day-to-day support.



We work with you to define your needs.

You might be looking to monetize content, create new broadcast formats or be the first to provide fans with near-live highlights.

You might be looking to connect your editorial teams in the cloud or supercharge their productivity.

Or, you might have a specific event in mind to which you can only dedicate limited resources and so need to automate workflows.


go-wild-trying-out-the tool

Once your need has been defined and we both agree that we could work together, you get to try the tool (for free!).

Go Wild: create a gallery with your brand’s graphical assets, set up templates and publish as much as you wish. If you have any questions, just ping your dedicated Client Service Manager.



Onboarding typically includes:

  • Finalizing stream ingestion, destinations and publishing renditions 
  • Integration with your CMS or CDN
  • Defining user profiles
  • Setting up a gallery and templates 
  • Scheduling a training session and follow-ups with your team 



You get:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager who accompanies you throughout your project. They are your go-to person for training, questions, and custom feature requests
  • A Quarterly Business Review with your CSM to present you with KPIs and advice for optimal use of the platform
  • Live chat availability directly within the platform
  • Email ticketing and phone hotline to get in touch with us at any time
  • 24/7 premium support upon demand

Raphaël Ouaknine,
Head of Digital of i24NEWS, told us:

“The reason we chose the Wildmoka platform is how intuitive we found the interface was to use."

Ed Pearson,
Digital Services Manager at ITF

"What tilted the balance towards the Wildmoka platform when choosing a vendor, is the fact that we saw the product was changing"