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Wildmoka StoryBot
AI/ML-based clips & reels production

Boost your Editorial Productivity

Wildmoka StoryBot is now available for Soccer ⚽, Golf 🏌️‍♂️, Rugby 🏉 and more sports.

Near-live clips

  • Define which actions to auto-clip
  • Setup your editorial style
  • Define if clips shall be auto-published
  • Define multiple localized versions
And let the StoryBot do the rest!
HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video



Highlight reels

Create new highlight reels automatically.
It includes: 
  • Match summaries
  • Best of players
  • Best of actions
    (e.g. best of goals, try, holes, etc.)
  • Best of teams
  • Best of matchdays and more.
Define your own story and editorial style and let StoryBot run it for you!

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Our AI/ML engine has proven to deliver the best performance on major sports eventsContact us today to learn how StoryBot can help boost your own content production!

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