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Responsive Video

AI-based Live & VOD repurposing

Delight your viewers with content optimized for their devices

Instead of counting on the audience to flip their phones in order to watch your content, transform it into any mobile-first and social media recommended format with Responsive Video.



Repurpose your 16:9 broadcast content

The broadcasters' challenges today don't stop at producing a linear TV feed - it then needs to be adapted to various digital and mobile formats, both for live and VOD.



Your audience don't deserve this

Pushing a 16:9 broadcast feed initially produced for linear TV to digital destinations won't make a compelling experience for your viewers.

Neither will a simple cropping of it do.


Responsive Video LEVEL 1

Create variations of the original content (in aspect ratios such as 1:1, 4:5, 4:3, 9:16, 2:3) by reapplying subtitles and graphical elements to a clean feed cropping, all in the correct positions and at optimized proportions.

Responsive Video level 1

Responsive Video level 2

Responsive Video LEVEL 2

Let Wildmoka's award-winning AI/ML-based solution, Auto ReZone, identify all zones of interest within each frame of your live feed, in order to rearrange them in real-time to best fit the newly created aspect ratio. 

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Responsive Video can apply to sports, news and entertainment video content. Contact us today to learn how it can help transform your own video feeds into truly digital-first content.

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