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Watch the replay of Wildmoka's session at SportsPro USA 2022 about "Reaching Digital Excellence" with special insights from Mike Lowe, NBC Sports Group.


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Wildmoka AI-based StoryBot for Golf automation

"We leveraged AI and machine learning to assist editors in boosting their efficiency and productivity so they could focus on storytelling"
Mike Lowe NBC Sports

Delivering at scale, at speed, everywhere

All forms of digital content: Hole summary, match summary, day summary, best-of shots, best-of player and individual clips, delivered in seconds, to 41 digital destinations

Highlight reels creation reduced by 17 minutes

Down to ~90 seconds

22 digital destinations
5 OTT platforms
17 social media channels
Each with different formats, aspect ratios, and storytelling.

1,400+ videos in 4 days scoring

68M views on social

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