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During summer of 2021, Wildmoka helped Discovery+ delight fans with every unmissable moment of the Tokyo Olympics. A truly digital-first experience was offered to audiences across Europe enabled by a centralized cloud-based architecture, allowing Discovery+ to craft thousands of stories on more than 300 sports events and 50 disciplines. 

Listen to Robert Hodges, Director of Audience and Content Strategy at Discovery as he shared the stage with Jamie Lakin, Wildmoka's Sales Director, UK & Ireland, at SVG Europe's SPTS event in London on October 28, 2021.

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Helping Discovery+ to:
"tell local stories globally and global stories locally"

A digital-first experience

All forms of digital content on Eurosport OTT: live stream events, clips of key moments, highlight reels (e.g. summaries) or full replays to delight connected fans

300 remote editors across 14 countries

trained in weeks to craft stories in 11 languages with a simple laptop

10k+ short-form videos on social,
generating more than 400M views in just 2.5 weeks

Content localization
for country-specific
user experience

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