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What drives us

"Our purpose is to make complex technology enjoyable and accessible to anyone, cross all media & broadcast departments, for an optimal user experience"

Focusing on values allows us to be intentional about our behaviour every single day. 
Our culture is built on passion, integrity and humility and we apply these principles every day, in everything we do.  

Our core brand values are:


At Wildmoka, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in terms of quality, technical excellence and ethics. Our desire for continual improvement helps us to constantly develop our offering and enables us to grow along with industry needs.


We never underestimate our competition and we learn from our mistakes and successes in equal measure. We cherish openness and we are curious to learn from anyone, anywhere. We listen to and accept honest feedback.


Our customers are our prime consideration and we are fully dedicated to delivering impeccable service. We are responsive, honest and open in our relationships, and seek to build trust and confidence. We listen to our clients and anticipate their needs in order to ensure every experience is positive.


We believe that passion and personality matter, and that every individual has something special to offer. We have created an environment of togetherness and enthusiasm to encourage our team members' pursuit of growth and professional development.


This says it all - we see the glass half full and we believe that the sky is the limit. We respect each other and work together to reach our goals. We work hard and when we do win, we celebrate. Because working at Wildmoka is fun!

Management & board members


Cristian Livadiotti - CEO & co-founder 


Thomas Menguy - CTO & co-founder

John V Wagner

John Van Wagner - CCO


Matthieu Loreille - CMO

Christophe sarlot

Christophe Sarlot - CFO

Radomir-Jovanic NB

Radomir Jovanovic - Board member

Raffi-Kamber NB

Raffi Kamber - Board member 

Louis Renaudin NB

Louis Renaudin - Board member

Gilles Loriet NB

Gilles Lioret - Board member

Harold Dumeurger NB

Harold Dumeurger - Board member


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