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Own Digital OTT
and Social Media

Powering 100+ broadcasters / right holders in Sports & News industries


For SPORTS broadcasters & rights holders

  • Create more content in seconds
    Live streams, near-live clips, reels (match summaries, best of players, and more).
  • Hyper distribute to all digital channels (OTT and social media).
  • Automate your entire digital content creation workflow.

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Win the Digital Race

Leverage the full potential of digital to position your sports content apart


For NEWS broadcasters

  • Be first to publish breaking news.
  • Be everywhere on any device and on all channels (OTT and social media).
  • Be unique and innovative with a mobile-first vertical experience (Auto ReZone).

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Lead the Digital Experience

Embrace a mobile-first strategy and be the go-to source
for live, near-live and on-demand news


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